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Voicing Silence - Butterfly House

For the last showing of the year Voicing Silence visited the Butterfly House in Victoria Park in Widnes. Shown to the public in Halton for the first time (the work had a private view for participants at The Studio earlier in the year but not for the public) the piece fitting in perfectly with the style and shape of the beautiful glass house. Lead artist Lou Chapelle and Project Manager Louise Nulty spent two days showing the work to Halton residents, highlighting the role Halton’s Community played within the final piece.

Once again Rachael Prime was honoured to be part of this piece, her flowers complimented the winter frost colours, standing out again the black of the projection as well as the winter night sky.

This showing of the Voicing Silence project had highlighted that the Butterfly House can be used not only as a stunning place to show work but also as a more accessible building. Halton residents are more willing to enter the space, feeling like that space is for them, exhibiting more art here in the future will hopefully help to encourage Halton‘s community experience art on their own terms.

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