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Light Night Wigan - Voicing Silence

Rachael Prime attended Light Night Wigan back in November 2022, supporting the project Voicing Silence. which was being shown as part of a tour around the canal-side of Wigan. The project encourage visitors to sit and take a moment to watch the holographic visuals involving many different members of the community most from Halton but across the Liverpool City region. Silhouetted by purple and orange flood lights the sprit house inspired housing for the piece took on a peaceful feel, sharing thoughts of extinction through stories of being together. The piece finished with a purpose written song created by Jennifer John and community members, rounding off the visuals shining through the dark.

For more information around the voicing silence project:

While exploring the rest of the work on show at the light night, I took out my macro to focus in on the leaves tinted by all of the coloured lighted used to mark the path. This made the leaves feel almost other worldly highlighting the veins, turning them almost gold under the yellow light. While these lights were not part of the commissioned works they help to create a magical feel to the whole evening, shimmering against the water, attendees stopped regularly to take photos of themselves bathed in primary colours.

Anther element to the site of the light night was the amazing lock of the canal, filled with a leafy plant (possibility a type of water lily,) it created almost a blanket across the water, stopping the reflection of the almost mirror water in it’s tracks.

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