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Voicing Silence

Voicing Silence is a project created by lead artist Lou Chapelle and commissioned by Leeds University.

A number of creatives including artists, poets, choreographers and musicians explored together the ever present topic of extinction. Working with refugees and asylum seekers, community groups within the Liverpool City region Lou created a double hologram projection using movement, sculpture, written word and music to convey the different experiences of extinction. From the decline of the worlds of fauna and flora to the social losses of different communities and the extinctions within our own lives.

Rachael Prime worked to help develop the visual aspects of the project focusing on extinct flora and culturally symbolic flowers from workshop attendees. Such as a type of “inverted tulip” from Iran named Fritillaria Imperialis which (while grows plentifully in monoculture farming environments) are on the endangered list, rarely found growing naturally in the wild. Similar to the native flower in the UK, Snake's Head Fritillary from the same family, is also on the endangered list. Using paper scuplture techniques Rachael developed scuplutres and props for the final projection. Exploring the different cultures, stories and own thoughts on the sometime overwhelming topic of extinction brought forward by the workshop participants, collatinging them together with Lou Chapelle.

For more information about the project please visit Lou Chapelle page for Voicing Silence.

Creative Team:

Artistic director Lou Chapelle

Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies Dr Stefan Skrimshire

Composer and choir leader Jennifer John

Dancer Kali Chandrasegaram

Costume designer Rachael Prime

Poet Scott Farlow

Film-maker Tim Brunsden

Photography Robert Battersby

Project co-ordinator Louise Nulty

Production advise Dan Williamson

Created in partnership with:

Members of Wat Phra Singh Buddhist temple in Runcorn

Refugees, asylum seekers and volunteers from A Better Tomorrow and the Daresbury hotel in Widnes and Runcorn

Dancers from Men Dancing at MDI in Liverpool

Members of The Studio community choir in Widnes

Members of The studio Writing Group in Widnes

Sense of Sound choir in Liverpool


Abdulsaboor Sardari

Mark Allerton

Ibrahim Alahmad

Emadaldah Alhroub

Naema Aldaqsha

Shaalan Al-Khalaf

Hisham Almakhzomi

Sahad Alrafai

Chris Ball

Tom Barton

Jane Bennett

Richard Bradshaw

Deacon Tim Coleman

Tony Collacott

Yashar Davoodi

Mohammad Dehghan

Meg DeMar

Stephen Dignall

Kirsty Dyas

Naomi Ennis

Jennifer Hale

Faisal Hasan

Shalaw Hasanzada

Rida Ibrahim

Glen Jones

Reza Karimkhani

Yamen Kaseb

Glen kumengu

Kbrom Tewelde

Kurosh Arya

Maria Mahammadi

Colette Mara

Robert Marten

Mike McGenity

Leila Rostami Manesh

Mohamud Mohamed

Mansour Mokhrari

Damian Purcival

Leila Rastamimanesh

Pauline Ruth

Arjana Salla

Meklit Tadesse

Kbrom Tewelde

Paul Whelan





Wahiba Abdo

Zainab Nezami

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