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Stones on Posts - (My own title)

One of the wonders I love finding out in the “wild” if found little interactions from people with the general environment. It could be within nature or in a urban setting but small interactions that neither harm, impact or inconvenience people in any way but offer a small smile and nod that you are not that first (or will be the last) person to interact with a space.

The below images were just some of one of my most favourite moments described above. Stopping to find rocks and placing upon the top of a wooden post is nothing ground breaking but just highlights a moment of thought within a communal space. I have no idea if there is one person who daily places a rock onto a post or whether this is something that one person started and the multiple people afterwards collaborated on the piece. Plants growing around some of the stones showing the length of the impromptu exhibition. I do find great pleasure that I took the time to find a stone I liked and added one to a lonely post.

Such a simple idea, connecting people with the environment around them as well as to the people before who, most likely, they will never meet.

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