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Everyday Inspiration - Lyme Park

With a new year it always reminds me that I would like to hike into the hill more often then I do. While it is the best place to find my favourite miniature plants I also find it extremely peaceful and just seems to allow my brain to stop.

Myself and Claire Pitt hiked around Lyme Park a few months back, one of the few times we both have been free to get out on the hills. I smiled when I was looking through these images as I released I have only taken either very close up images of moss and lichen or far away landscapes trying to get as much in as possible. The only exception to this seemed to be this really cute little cottage ruin where we stopped for hot drink, I could just imagine the fairy folk being most annoyed they had to hide from use. Around lunch time too no less!

This images makes me think of a tiny city stuck on top of a large cliff, the natural shapes look like the buildings were built with no thought, grown as the inhabitants needs changed.

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