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Old Town Bloom on Tour - Bird Feeding Walk

Back in December 2022 I was involved in the first few sessions of Old Town Bloom on Tour project. The project is to take the garden around Runcorn networking and sharing knowledge between other community gardens and is funded by the LCR environmental fund.

Sadly due to the icy weather we had to call off the general community event taking the raised bed trolleys around on a litter pick and bird feeding session. Instead myself and Claire Pitt (a key volunteer on the Old Town Bloom project and a fellow Hazlehurst Artist) planned a bird feeding walk visiting many places where it is easy to see local birds. Including the Bridgewater canal, Mersey view and Wigg Island.

Remaining bird feed was left in the Old Town Bloomers free library for other to use either in their own gardens or along the same route myself and Claire too.

While chilly it was a lovely day and it was great to see many others enjoying Runcorn Town’s green spaces and walking routes.

For more information about the project visit Old Town Bloomer’s Blog via link below:

Image: Bird feeder on Wig Islan

Image: Bird hide Wigg Island

Image: Bridgewater Canal

Image: Bridgewater Canal

Image: Bridgewater Canal

Image: Mersey View

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