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Minotaur - Cyanotype and Embroidery

The son of Minos and Pasiphaë, the ferocious beast Minotaur was a punishment from the sea god Poseidon only sustained by devouring humans. One the Minotaur was born unable to kill her son Pasiphaë had the master craftsmen Daedalus a gigantic labyrinth to imprison him.

This is another piece from the Greek Mythology series combining Cyanotype and Embroidery. I’ve really enjoyed documenting my art process showcasing the different techniques and how they work together. I would like to explore further the combination of narrative with this documentation process and see if I can develop the one image narrative further using stitch and other techniques.

As I am new to this style of documentation any feedback on the videos would help me greatly, I worry they may be too long and focuses on stitching a lot but also think it’s nice to see how the piece develops with each stitch.

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