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Final Event - Blooming Jubilee

Old Town Bloomers were successful in a funding bid to run multiple events to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. Even though sadly her majesty has now pass away the events were a great way to celebrate her life and reign. There were various events over the summer providing workshop opportunity for community members to learn some new skills as well as creating artwork to then go into a final display within the garden itself.

Rachael Prime was comissioned to create a bloomer inspired artworks and installation, using embroidery and wooden bloomer cutouts. Asking one simple question “What do green spaces mean to you?” participants created individual bloomers each with images and words all inspired by green space. Once this was complete Rachael then created embroidred ribbon streamers with the chosen words to be displayed along side the illustrated bloomers in a final semi permanent installation.

The images below were taken from the final Jubilee event in the garden a culmination of all of the artworks created as part of the project. Atteneded by the garden’s volunteers and participants of the workshops Lauren Quayle photographed the event show casing the wonderful community space.

For more information about the project visit the Old Town Bloomer’s Blog:

All photo credit below: Lauren Quayle

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