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Draw on Halton - Exhibition 1 & 2

During the 2020 lock down Hazlehurst Studios ran an online art prompt challenge for Halton residents. Each week local creatives sent in drawings, photographs, embroideries and many other disciplines to showcase their work online.

The first round of the exhibition when on display with Old Town Bloomers garden each board showing a different prompt and peoples take on each of them.

Funded by Arts Council the second round of Draw on Halton involved local young people as part of their work experience from Cronton College. Working with Claire Pitt and Rachael Prime they help developed the prompt, complete each of them as well as creating a larger piece for one of the prompts.

The resulting work created then went in to the first exhibit at Culture HQ, a cultural space funded as part of Halton Borough Council's Borough of Culture programme. The exhibition showcased the students work along with other local creatives who entered work under each prompt.

Rachael Prime created her first large scale embroidery focusing on the travel prompt. More info here.

Draw on Halton 2 - Culture HQ Exhibition

Draw on Halton 2 - Culture HQ Exhibition

Draw on Halton 1 - Garden Exhibition

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