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Cultivate Bounce Project - Partnership with VPET

Within her role at Hazlehurst Studios, Rachael Prime supported Halton Cultivate partnership with their last part to their Bounce project. The project was funded by arts council to run culturual activities for 10-15 year olds in Halton. Multiple partners took part including (not limited to) Norton Priory, Digital Art Box, the Studio and VPET.

For this workshop Hazlehurst Studios were hosted by VPET as part of their eco craft event, which hosted multiple environment inspired activities from Georgina Ridehalph and Hobbeez and. Rachael Prime and Claire Pitt created a community created artwork inspired by VPET and the work they do at the Butterfly House in Victoria Park in Widnes. Providing acrylic circles to attendees they were encouraged to draw butterflies and butterfly friendly flowers creating a stain-glass window display. The work will remain up for visitors both inside and out to enjoy over the next months and into the next butterfly season.

To ensure the work was eco friendly as possible they acrylics can all be removed, cleand and used again for another project within the space. Possibility creating an annual activities allowing the community to help shape the space of the butterfly house.

Photo Credit: Louise Nulty

Photo credit: Louise Nulty

Photo credit: Louise Nulty

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