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9th January - Everyday Events - Train Track

Myself and partner have begun to try and walk everyday, just a minimum of a mile around where we live. We mainly started to ensure we don’t just see the same four walls for a whole week but it has turned into something look forward to everyday.

This Everyday Event piece was from one of our very first days of consciously walking, we ended up stalking a freight train around the local train station. We passed under the train on a low bridge, as it waited for the signal to change, and rushed around to try and catch it on the other railway bridge,near our home, as it passed under.

I wasn’t sure about the subject matter of this illustration as I don’t usually get inspired by “urban” environments such as vehicles or buildings, but the funny walk we had really wanted me to mark it in someway. Luckily in the winter sun the lican on the railway bridge where we waited was just stunning. With gorgeous palette and texture of yellows, greens even some blues and pail greys. I thought I could try to combine these colours and my more comfortable natural inspiration with the geometric shapes of the low bridge and train.

Sadly I haven’t quite got used to taking photographs as we walk (particularly of trains!) and I had to delay the drawing until I saw the same train across the same low bridge. Which luckily happened a few nights later.

The colours were a dream to work with really complementing each other and highlighting the original colours of the train and bridge while still ensuring they visually linked back to the natural lican. After a bit of a battle with textures of the background for the illustration I decided to combine my actual photograph on the lican with the finished piece, drawing the two bridges together in the single image.

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