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Runcorn Heroes

This time last year marked the end of my first project in partnership with Arts Council Englands. 5 resident artists from Hazlehurst Studios were commissioned to be in residence at Halton Lea Library and create a piece inspired by Runcorn Heroes.

Always being fascinated by myths and legends I focused my research on local legend Ethelfreda. An Anglo Saxon warrior Queen who projected Runcorn from Viking invaders by building a castle at the mouth of the Mersey River (now the site of the Railway Bridge.)

Through my research at Halton Lea Library I discovered a epic poem written by local Author inspired by Ethelfreda. Pull part the different elements within the tragic love story I worked with local Halton residents to create series of panels embroidered and painted representing the story.

I really enjoyed and pulled a lot of inspiration of the different interpretations of the poem and how it sections of the story could be developed into a single narrative images. I limited the colour of embroidery three and design process to really try and encourage the development of narrative within each of the panels.

After this work shop I then worked both within the Library but also at Hazlehurst Studio to develop my central panel showcasing the poem's narrative as well as Ethelfreda herself.

The final piece went on display at Halton Lea Library along side 4 other Hazlehurst resident artists: Claire Pitt, Cliff Richards, Ellie Watson and Kim Liu.

I'm particularly proud to have been able to bring my Grandmother to see the final exhibition.

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