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Foraged Maps - Norton Priory Art Club 2022

As part of Hazlehurst Studio’s Art Club at Norton Priory Museum, Rachael Prime and Claire Pitt created a foraged explorative workshop. As part of the museum’s apple and quince day attendees were invited to explore and gather twigs, moss, leaves and other natural foraged items to recreate Norton Priory’s grounds in model form.

The families who participated were encourage to explore their own creative techniques using their found items, constructing and re-using items in a different way to create this miniature forest scene right on a table top.

Over two days a small forest wonderland was created with miniature creatures, bushes and trees all created to represent Norton green space, made out of Norton’s green space.

For further information around this workshop and other projects run by Hazlehurst Studios please use the link below:

Once the workshop began I began to notice these wonderful worlds all at ”ground level” on the table top. Having recently purchased an attachment lens to my phone I was thrilled to find some of the shots I could achieve of this wonderful foraged forest.

As the workshop developed myself and Claire came to realise that there was a downside to the project. We used synthetic and plastic glues for the project which meant sadly the piece would not be able to be composted. We both felt this was a large downfall of the workshop with out this issue it could have been left within the forest for nature to take it back. We want to look further into natural glues, ones that are save to use and environmentally friendly.

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